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Ringturn nominated for People's Book Prize


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written by Ant on Wednesday 31st March 2010

Vampireology - True history of vampires


Vampireology is the true history of vampires, and the 9th book in the "Ology" series, having sold over 16 million copies worldwide.

Originally written in 1900 by Archibold Brooks, the world's foremost protector. Archibold is brutally murdered in 1920 and the book falls into the hands of the detective Joshua Kraik.

Soon after Brooks' death, Kraik is contacted by a woman called Magdalena who claims to have been a former lover of the deceased. She explains that she is looking for a book that she suspects is in Kraik's possession. Although he is fascinated byher beauty and poetic ...

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written by Ant on Friday 19th March 2010

Entangled - Sneak Peak and Intro

Entangled - Sneak Peak and Intro!

Entangled is the new epic fantasy novel from the bestselling fantasy author Graham Hancock who's previous novels include the non-fiction books "The Sign and the Seal", "Fingerprints of the Gods" and "Heaven's Mirror".

His books have so far sold over 5 million volumes in 27 languages and his reputation has been further established by his public lectures and TV broadcasts (including two series for Channel 4).

"Fingerprints of the Gods" has been credited as an inspiration for Roland Emmerich's epic blockbuster 2012.

Entangled follows the story of Leoni, a troubled teen living in modern day Los Angeles who has a near-death experience following a dru...

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written by Ant on Wednesday 17th March 2010

Flying hover car

Yes this is a flying hover car, not only does it work, it can take passengers too:


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written by Ant on Friday 12th March 2010

Playing with yourself...and others

Ok so I am struggling to find what this has to do with books, science fiction or even fantasy really but this video is just too funny to miss:


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written by Ant on Friday 5th March 2010

Is the MOD burying it's head in the sand?

We are all Aliens...

With the recent release to the public of the MOD's files on UFO encounters, it appears they have now decided that they are no longer going to keep files on Unidentified Flying Objects, destroying any reports after 30 days and insist that UFOs are not a military threat.

This announcement on the one hand could be seen as cutting costs to save on an over-stretched budget, (they have also turned off the number to call and report a sighting) but by many it will be seen as a misguided act.

The UFO sightings are not just going to go away, in fact they are...

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written by Ant on Wednesday 3rd March 2010

World Book Day 4th April 2010

World book day is almost here, on the 4th April 2010 and there are many activities this year including 11 £1 book stories which will be read by the Authors or Actors online on the day while there is also a "Buy one Give one" promotion running now in conjunction with The Times, The Sun and News of the World.

Buy one Give One means you buy a paperback and get a second book free to donate to charity, vouchers are available in the participating newspapers and you then take the vouchers to a participating retailer (WH Smith, Waterstones or a participating Independant), buy 2 paperbacks for£9.99 or less and get the lower priced one free. Childrens books, reference, travel and academic books are excluded from the offer.

Vouchers will run from 4-7 March 2010 and can be redeem...

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written by Ant on Tuesday 2nd March 2010
There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke, and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there?s injustice, and somewhere else the tea's getting cold.
- Seventh Doctor Who

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