News for December 2010


SFBook Competition Closes

The Book of the year competition is now closed, thank you to all who voted and took part and of course to each of the authors who have written such incredible works of fiction over the last 12 months.

The winner of the Book of the year will be announced soon on this site, so please watch out for it. I would also like to point out that a few people have attempted to spoil this for everyone (as so often is the case) and SFBook is being falsely accused of a number of libellous comments. This has not only damaged a perfectly innocent and fun competition, but also caused upset and distress to all concerned at SFBook.

A person who at this point will remain anonymous (incidentally none of the authors, each of them are real Gent's) decided at some point in the recent past to ema...

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written by Ant on Wednesday 29th December 2010

Story of (robot) Evolution

This video tells the story of robot evolution all packed into just 1 minute.


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written by Ant on Wednesday 22nd December 2010

Angry Robot open to unrepresented novelists

angry robot books

The most innovative publishers around at the moment are without a doubt those at Angry Robot Books, and continuing on their tireless quest to provide us with the best in science fiction and fantasy they have announced that for one month only in March 2011 they will open their doors to all unrepresented authors anywhere.

With a dedicated team of readers, any author is open to submit their work during the month and the best of these will be considered for publication.

If successful they will also consider further "open door months" in the future.

Angry Robot's Editor, Lee Harris, said, "We're delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to unpublish...

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written by Ant on Tuesday 21st December 2010

New Non-profit digital publisher

New Non-profit digital publisher

Brand new digital non-profit publisher H&H Books has been created by the team of Scott Harrison and the Angry Robot editor Lee Harris. All the titles will not only be available through the normal ebook retailers but 100% of the revenue will go directly to specific charitable causes.

If that wasn't enough to excite your charitable literary taste buds, the titles are also going to be really low cost, as exemplified by the first announced publication "Voices from the Past", which is an anthology of "flash fiction" from some of the worlds best writers.

The authors contributing are an impressive bunch, including Maurice Broaddus, Paul Cornell,...

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written by Ant on Friday 17th December 2010
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- Seventh Doctor Who

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