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The Hunt for Gollum premiers at sci-fi London

The hunt for gollum

The Hunt for Gollum premiers this bank holiday weekend at sci-fi London. For those who haven't heard, The Hunt for Gollum is an entirely fan made non-profit film.

Made to a budget of just £3000, The Hunt for Gollum looks very impressive and has been created in the same style as Peter Jacksons Epic Trilogy.

The 40 minute film is set after the events of the Hobbit but before the Fellowship of the Rings and tells the untold story of Aragorn's search for Gollum before he is captured by the enemy.

With a cast of 160 people, this promises to be every bit as impressive as the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

You can see more information about the film, or even wa...

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written by Ant on Thursday 30th April 2009

Winners of the 2008 Nebula Awards

Powers by Ursula K Le Guin

This years winners of the Nebula awards have been announced over the weekend at the UCLA, presided over by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

Ursula K Le Guin has won best novel with her new book, "Powers" while best Novella was won by Catherine Asaro for "The Spacetime Pool".

The winner of the Andre Norton Award is also one of the longest book title's I have ever seen with "How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom (Despite Being Confined to Her Room)" by Ysabeau S. Wilce.

One of our favorite Authors, the legendary Harry Harrison (author of ...

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written by Ant on Tuesday 28th April 2009

Water found in another Galaxy

Dark Matter

Astronomers have found evidence of the most distant water ever located in the universe, the water has been found in a another galaxy billions of light years away.

This astounding discovery was made by a joint USA - European venture and has been announced at the "European Week of Astronomy and Space Science" conference.

The water vapour is thought to be a jet stream ejected from a super-massive black hole at the centre of the distant galaxy (about 19.8 billion light years distant). The water has been observed as a "maser" which means that molecules of gas amplify and in doing so emit beams of microwave radiation.

Due to the distance and the laws of physics, the ...

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written by Ant on Thursday 23rd April 2009

Doctor Who chosen as best theme tune

Doctor Who

Doctor Who has been chosen as the best scifi theme tune for a television series in an online vote on the long established and very popular website total scifi.

It beat series like red dwarf ("I want to lie ship wrecked and comatose"), Mark Snows X-files tune, Buffy and Star Trek.

Total Sci-Fi editor Matt McAllister commented -

"The poll result proves that in addition to being one of the most popular science fiction shows ever created, Doctor Who also boasts the most iconic sci-fi theme tune. Grainer and Derbyshire's theme manages to convey the outlandish quality of the show and is ...

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written by Ant on Tuesday 21st April 2009

Co-Creator of D&D, Dave Arneson dies

The Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Dave Arneson has died of cancer aged 61. He had been battling the illness for the last 2 years and passed away on tuesday.

Being an avid table top gamer, Dave attended a convention in 1969 and met Gary Gygax. They became great friends and their first collaboration, along with Mike Carr, was a set of rules for sailing-ship battles called "Don't Give Up the Ship!".

Along with Garry Gygax, Dave Arneson created the most famous and successful role playing game in history. Dungeons and Dragons was created in 1974 and developed many of the fundamental ideas of role-playing, like gaining experienced points for success ...

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written by Ant on Saturday 11th April 2009

Discworld one step closer to reality

Terry Pratchet

Terry Pratchett's Discworld has come one step closer to reality after road names at a new housing estate in somerset have been named after streets in Ankh-Morpork.

Peach Pie street and Treacle Mine road are included in the Kingswell Rise development in Wincanton. Sir Terry visited the town on Sunday to officially unveil the road names.

Wincanton has already been officially twinned with Ankh-Morpork of the Discworld novels.


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written by Ant on Tuesday 7th April 2009

New Evidence of Dark Matter?

Dark Matter

Scientists have detected an unexplained source of positrons in space after using a space based research satellite called Pamela ( Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics), launched in June 2006.

This satellite carries instruments designed to investigate Dark Matter particles in space. It has detected an excess of positrons in an area where scientists expected to see fewer.

Recording the ratio of positrons (anti-particles of electrons with a positive charge) to electrons, the instruments found a high ratio of positrons with a high energy level.

Under normal circumstances (or at least as far as we understand anyway) the ratio of positrons to electr...

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written by Ant on Friday 3rd April 2009

The Worlds Most Powerful Laser

Worlds Most Powerful Laser Scientists in the USA have just finished constructing the worlds most powerful Laser, aimed at recreating the conditions at the heart of the Sun. The goal of the experiment is to demenstrate the feasibility of Nuclear fusion, which could mean abundant clean energy.

The Experiment aims 192 Lasers at a tiny amount of Hydrogen fuel and if it works, will produce more energy than that required to initiate it. This would then mark the transition of Laser fusion from theory to engineering reality. This Fusion is seen by many to be the "Holy Grail" of energy sources as it can supply almost limitless clean energy. The practicalities of building an effective reactor however ha...

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written by Ant on Thursday 2nd April 2009