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Dustin Hoffman wants more Science Fact in Science Fiction

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman, who was a chemist for Maxwell House before becoming an Actor, would like to see more Science fact in Science Fiction films. He is leading a campaign and plans to host events so that scientists and directors can meet in an effort to "get it right".

Dustin is a new member of the Science and Entertainment Exchange (an initiative of the National Academy of Sciences), who promote films deemed to respect scientific principles like Jurassic Park and debunk those which are unrealistic like "The Core", (flying to the centre of the earth to get the planet spinning again).

It has been said the Actor is sick of seeing "silly" films and thinks you can make goo...

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written by Ant on Tuesday 31st March 2009

Salt water pools may exist on Mars

Mars According to planetary scientists, salt water pools may still exist on Mars, just below the surface of the planet. It has been previously thought that any remaining water on Mars must exist solely as either ice or vapour due to the low pressure and temperature.

Nasa's most recent Mars probe, the Phoenix Lander has found the presence of perchlorate salts, which can keep water in its liquid form at temperatures of minus 70C. It is currently believed that the pockets of salt water may form when this soil interacts with ice.

Pheonix first landed on the red planet on the 25th May 2008, using thrusters to slow it's decent. These thrusters blew away the top layer surface and expose...

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written by Ant on Wednesday 25th March 2009

Re-Imagining How Harry Potter was Born

A very talented rendition of how Harry Potter could have been pitched to a reluctant editor. Amongst the best lines are: "What'll happen with the next four books?. Rather than writing short, concise, carefully edited stories, she'll just write until her hand hurts,"


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written by Ant on Thursday 19th March 2009

British Library looses 9000 books

The British library

The British library has admitted to losing more than 9000 books, some of which have not been seen for 50 years.

Amongst those missing are Renaissance treatises on theology and alchemy, a 1876 illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland, a medieval text on astronomy, first editions of 19th- and 20th-century novels, and a luxury edition of Mein Kampf produced in 1939 to celebrate Hitler's 50th birthday.

One item has been previously valued at £20 000 and has not been seen for two years (an essay entitled Of the Lawful and Unlawful Usurie Amongest Christians, by 16th-century German theologian Wolfgang Musculus).

The Library believe that mo...

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written by Ant on Tuesday 17th March 2009

Doctor Manhattan appears over the Thames

To celebrate the launch of the film Watchmen, Doctor Manhattan has appeared over the Thames to the surprise of London residents on Wednesday night (4th March 2009).

The blue skinned superhero appeared over London's river and towered over 70 feet, floating in the air.

This fantastic PR stunt was created by using the worlds largest water screen projector which was anchored between the London Eye and the Shell Building. The effect was created by a vertical sheet of water that extended 72 feet high and 100 feet wide, which a projection was then screened through.


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written by Ant on Friday 6th March 2009