News for August 2015


Hugo Award Winners 2015

As many readers will know, this year there has been a concerted effort by a small but vocal minority to "game" the Hugo awards and try and put science fiction back by a few decades. They don't want to see ethnic and gender diversity in "their" science fiction and many of the Hugo award shortlists for this year were full of this small groups short-sighted, predominantly white male fiction.

Thankfully the larger science fiction community has made their voices heard and have chosen "No Award" for five of the Hugo categories including Best Novella, Best Short Story, Best Related Work, Best Editor Short Form and Best Editor Long Form.

While this does mean that for those categories many deserving people have missed out on a chance of becoming ...

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written by Ant on Sunday 23rd August 2015

Gollancz August 2015 Paperbacks

Gollancz Paperback of the Month August 2015 is John Scalzi's novel Lock In which we reviewed back in January. It's not, as you might expect a novel about late night pub drinking, instead it's a science fiction police procedural which describes a pandemic virus which causes 99% of the population to suffer "flu like" symptoms. The other 1%  become "locked in" to their own bodies, fully awake, but unable to move or respond to stimulus (a real condition known as "locked-in syndrome"). Those locked in become known as "Haden", named after the most famous locked-in survivor, America's first lady.

A huge scientific endeavour follows and two discoveries are made. The first, the creation of ...

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written by Ant on Monday 10th August 2015