About Us

SFBook is a none profit book review website designed to showcase the very best fiction, most of which will be within the genres of Fantasy, Scifi or Horror but with a growing list of general fiction too. The website is one of the oldest of it's type still going, beginning way back 1999 before the advent smart phones, flying cars and artificial intelligence.

Reviews are written by a team of regular and guest reviewers from around the world, mostly in the USA and the UK. The general consensus amongst the team is to not struggle through a book they really don't enjoy, after all life is just too short to read a bad book. As such we tend to show the stuff we liked, and not so much the stuff we didn't. Feel free however to ask us about specific books and we'll do our best to answer. 

We are always willing to accept guest reviews and welcome anyone who wants to be a regular contributor to the website.

The Reviewers

Ant (Antony Jones)

The website is owned, designed and managed by myself - Antony Jones (Ant) and I also provide some of the reviews, which are the personal opinion of myself. All of this is done in my (limited) spare time and as such there is a real finite amount of reviews that can be published on the site.

I always read the full book before writing a review and try to be as constructive as possible. You may notice that some reviews are shorter than others around the internet and this is mainly due to the fact that I try and give as little of the actual plot away as possible so that the joy of exploring the story is not damaged for the reader in any way.

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Allen Stroud

Allen is a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University. He is a successful Science Fiction and Fantasy author and professional freelance editor and continues to develop his writing credentials with an array of publications in recent years. He's written articles for Total Film and SFX (Zombies: The Ultimate Celebration), Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction and the British Fantasy Journal, of which he is now the editor. 

His published novels - Elite: Lave Revolution (2014), The Lord of Wisimir (2013), The Dragon of Wisimir (2012) and The Sword of Wisimir (2012), A Bag of Bedtime Tales (2011).

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Sam Tyler

Sam has had a love of reading ever since he realised the local library was only down the road. He is a fan of novels that fall into the big genres; science fiction, fantasy, crime historic etc. but is open to other delectation on occasion. His love of reading naturally led him to a job as a Librarian, if only he had foreseen this meant as much to do with computers as books nowadays. He still spends many of his free hours reading and hopes to do so for many years to come.

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Karen Fishwick

Karen likes to read, she has no particular qualification in this area, but has had a lot of practice. She loves to read character driven plot and is not so fussed about the genre. She feels that the imaginative genres allow an author to put characters in incredible positions and that the strength of the story is the ability of that character to remain recognisably human even if they happen to be an alien or a vampire.

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TC (Thomas Christensen)

The website was originally started by TC (Thomas Christensen) and most of the reviews prior to 2005 have been written by him. TC was born in Denmark (and possibly still lives there) and started reading science fiction and fantasy after reading his first book - The Hobbit.

He began reviewing novels in English (his second language) as a way of remembering what he had read and then this expanded so that others could contribute.

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Guest Reviewers

Over the years we've been lucky enough to feature a number of Guest reviewers on SFBook.

Anyone is welcome to write a review to be featured on the website provided the review isn't for your own work, is constructive and family friendly.

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Old Bob

Old Bob has been a bit of a mascot for SFBook for well over a decade, and while not retired - doesn't really feature much except as an avatar. Bonus points awarded if you can tell us where old Bob originates