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Guest Reviewers

We welcome reviews from anyone who cares to write one, provided that they are are not reviewing their own work and that the review is constructive.

Over the years there have been a number of guest reviewers who have taken time out of their busy lives to write a review or three on SFBook.

If you fancy writing a review yourself then why not get in touch - we can often provide review copies.


Aaron Miles

Reviews written by Aaron Miles


Alice Wybrew

Reviews written by Alice Wybrew


Alicia Snell

Reviews written by Alicia Snell



At some time in the distant past an anonymous reviewer was kind enough to write a few reviews for SFBook. We have no idea who they are.

Reviews written by Anonymous


Charles Haynes

Charles Haynes was kind enough to review China Meiville's novel Embassytown back in 2011.

Reviews written by Charles Haynes



Reviews written by Colin


Danny Wadeson

Reviews written by Danny Wadeson


Ed Prior

Ed Prior guest reviewed two novels for SFBook back in 2012, Ben Aaronovitch's Moon over Soho and Scott Lynch's novel The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Reviews written by Ed Prior


Frank Zafiro

Accomplished author, ex-police officer and all round nice guy Frank Zafiro was kind enough to review a novel for us a few years ago.

Reviews written by Frank Zafiro



Gill Shutt was a gifted author, poet and editor who guest reviewed on SFBook for a period. She was friendly, kind and SFBook were lucky to have known her. Sadly Gill passed away in August 2013 after a long battle with fibromyalgia. You can read a review of her fantasy saga The Legends of Light which was published by Greyhart Press.

Reviews written by Gill



Little is known about the guest reviewer Hist other than the fact that he or she took the time to review books on SFBook from the very start of our journey on the world wide web.

Reviews written by Hist


John Richardson

Reviews written by John Richardson


Jim Mourgos

Another review whom we know very little about, Jim Mourgos reviewed but one novel in 2006.

Reviews written by Jim Mourgos


Lisa Lancaster

Reviews written by Lisa Lancaster


Lisa Trott

Reviews written by Lisa Trott


Luis Villazon

Accomplished Freelance Journalist Luis Villazon whose work experience including writing for BBC Focus, PC Format, Mac Format and How it Works was gracious enough to review a few novels for SFBook.

Reviews written by Luis Villazon


Matt Karder

Matt Karder is a science fiction fan who agreed to review Gregory Benfords short story collection "Anomalies" back in 2012.

Reviews written by Matt Karder


Mozley Hayes

Science fiction and fantasy fan Mozley Hayes was a guest reviewer on SFBook for a time.

Reviews written by Mozley Hayes


Nate Hawthorne

Nate Hawthorne's small children temporarily extinguished then recently rekindled Nate's love of reading. He has taken up book reviewing in order to better appreciate the ways that books have become fun again.

He particularly enjoys apocalyptic science fiction, creative nonfiction, and books he can enjoy with his kids.

Reviews written by Nate Hawthorne


number 6

Number 6 reviewed books on SFBook during the earlier years, little is known about this figure other than his love of Jack Vance and KW Jeter novels.

Reviews written by number 6


Philip Graham

Philip Graham was a fan of the site who kindly agreed to review a novel for inclusion on the website.

Reviews written by Philip Graham


Rob Knipe

Accomplished author Rob Knipe wrote a few book reviews, for which we are eternally grateful.

Reviews written by Rob Knipe


Saad Hossain

Reviews written by Saad Hossain


Sam Long

Reviews written by Sam Long


Tracey Holmes

Reviews written by Tracey Holmes


Mario Guslandi

Reviews written by Mario Guslandi


Phil Sloman

Reviews written by Phil Sloman



Reviews written by Abbie



Reviews written by Sean


Matt Buscemi

Reviews written by Matt Buscemi


Vanessa Smyth

Reviews written by Vanessa Smyth