The Naked eye

By Paul Kane

The Naked eye, a novel by Paul Kane
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The prolific, versatile, award-winning  British author Paul Kane returns with a collection of eight novelettes, four of which reprints and four previously unpublished.
Kane is a veteran in the area of dark fiction and it shows,because all of the included stories are graced by a firm, enticing narrative style, imaginative plots and well shaped characters.
As always, among the included pieces, I have my own favorites, which to me appear to be the more accomplished stories.

“ The Curse” is a superb, insightful tale portraying a life-long relationship between a man and a woman, never becoming a true love story , but just a tormented series of fleeting, inconclusive encounters.
“ The Queue” is a powerful allegory of what is awaiting us when we sin and break the rules, gripping the reader’s attention from the outset to the very end.
With “ Pure Evil” we are back to sheer horror in a vivid piece showing how dangerous is trying to manipulate a man’s character and brain.
The extremely enjoyable “Another life” depicts how a female werewolf has to learn her lessons the hard way until she meets a potential mate.

Just a few examples of Kane’s great storytelling ability, apt to entertain and disquiet the reader.
Isn’t that what we horror fans want?

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