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Following the explosion of self-published works, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) there are 292,014 new book titles published in the USA each year, plus the 149,800 in the UK. While there is bound to be a great deal of overlap between these two countries, that's still a staggering amount and doesn't include all the other countries out there.

SFBook has five regular reviewers. If we were to satisfy every author, we'd need to read and write reviews for over 100,000 books each per year. That's 274 books every day.

Given that fact we simply can't review everyone's book, we are lucky to get through a very small fraction of those written each year.

We are, however, happy to be contacted with requests by independent authors as well as those who are represented by agents and publishers.

Publishers: We are happy for you to send us individual ARC's, to be on your ARC posting lists and to receive press release and review requests.

Independent authors: While we respect your work, you've got a much better chance of your book being reviewed if it's been edited—some of the best authors in the world wouldn't be the success they are without a good editor.

Please note we don't review short stories, novellas, children's books, graphic novels, comics or art books. Ebooks should be formatted as ebooks (Mobi or Epub), not word docs or PDF's. If you do email us, please don't just copy and paste a blurb about your book. Remember that you're asking us to spend time reading your email and (possibly) your book, so we do expect you to take the time to write an email to us.

It's also worth noting that when we write a review we publish it on, not Good Reads, Amazon or other website that isn't (We don't write reviews to improve Amazon's sales figures!)

Our Reviewers

In the USA, our first reviewer is Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki. Vanessa currently reads paper versions of books in the Young Adult, Magical Realism, Classic Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Literary Fantasy and Urban Fantasy genres. If it piques her interest, she'll occasionally read good Science Fiction. You can contact Vanessa at . Please note that she does not read e-books.

Also in the USA our Reviewer DL Denham reviews Science Fiction, especially within the sub-genres Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Alien Invasion, Action/Adventure and Horror (not zombie). DL can be reached at the email address: .

Our expert in all things Horror, Arron Clegg (Cleggy) is based in the UK and prefers paper versions of books over electronic. He reviews horror but is also willing to consider other genres if it sounds appealing. Arron can be reached at: .

UK based writer and reader Allen Stroud reviews fantasy, science fiction and horror. He gave up on romantic fiction when an academic colleague made him mark love scenes for her student writers. He can be reached at

Antony Jones (Ant) is the editor and principal reviewer on SFBook. He reviews all genres with the exception of romance, paranormal romance and only very occasionally Young Adult. Ant accepts reviews in both paper and ebook formats provided they are NOT word docs or pdfs. If your description includes the words "Romance" or "Mysticism" then it would be prudent not to contact this reviewer. Ant can be reached at: .

If you would like to try your hand at reviewing books then please do get in touch, we are always on the lookout to expand our team.