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I am Ant (Antony Jones) the current owner of the SFBook review site and one of the team of reviewers. I have a deep love of most genre books (with the exception of romance or paranormal romance) and a number of years ago I decided to share this enthusiasm for a good story with others. Originally writing on another website, I took over ownership of SFBook from TC, the original creator and reviewer between 1999 and 2005.

I've been reading for over 30 years and as such there are many novels that I've read and yet are not visible here however some I do hope to re-read and share my thoughts. Looking back my very first memory of the fantastic was reading (or having read to me at a very young age) Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree series and this captured my imagination so much that I had re-occurring dreams about this land and it's inhabitants for years afterwards.

Forward to primary school and I remember completing enough reading assignments to be given the opportunity to read a book of my own choice from the school library and a novel that I would not be able to pronounce for years afterwards grabbed my attention - The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, the debut novel of the English author Alan Garner. At the time this book re-awakened my thirst for reading. Some time after learning of this new found interest my Gran (of all people) lent me her copies of The Hobbit and Lords of the Rings - (very old hardback copies) and I fell in love with all things Middle Earth. Years were spent reading and playing countless role-play games and I grew a deep affection for everything Games Workshop. I still have many of their games including older ones like Talisman and Rogue Trooper along with a few hundred White Dwarf - I became quite a dab hand at painting miniatures too.

After growing up (at least a little) I spent years not touching a book as the world held too many interests and mysteries itself. Then some years ago I became ill with a severe case of Bells Palsy and this forced convalescence re-awakened my thirst for reading, partly as an exercise in an attempt to get my battered brain working again. I've been reading at a fairly hectic pace ever since, trying to make up for those lost years.

I also have a mission to read all the Hugo award winning novels, something that will take a while yet to complete.

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