The Legends of Light

By Gill Shutt

The Legends of Light, a novel by Gill Shutt
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Legends of Light is a high fantasy saga told as a series of poems, each building upon the last to weave a tale of magic, romance and creatures of the dark.

I must admit that I am not really one to read poems, they have never interested me in the slightest and so when I was asked to review this book I did feel a bit reluctant; however the experience was completely different than what I was expecting and the journey much more rewarding than I would have imagined.

I haven't read anything quite like it before, the prose isn't over-flowery as I would have expected something labelled as "poetry" to be and there is a real intelligent use of grammar to create sentence structures that manage to flow into each other while still moving the story along, very much in the style of an "epic" or probably more accurately epyllion. The stories do make a lot of sense and contain the usual mix of high fantasy and grand events - replete with fantasy creatures like goblins and elves.

The actual structure of the book, set out into 6 individual but connected stories is also very different, much more connected than a fix-up novel or short story collection but still separate enough not to be considered simply chapters. The plot itself has the usual mixture of magic and fantasy creatures - good versus evil stuff but the way it's told really does make a difference.

The book is quite short, more of a novella than novel and as a result it can be read in one sitting comfortably, it is however also very refreshing, a completely different style and format which manages to work well, get past the idea of it being "poems" and any fan of fantasy or indeed epyllia should love it.

The Quest for Elena the Fair
Bold and brave knights 3 all compete for the hand of the Fair maiden Elena, accompanied by a faithfull squire. Each suitor have their own virtue but which will win the maid’s hand?

Wizards' Conflict
The Evil wizard Scaroth is free after being imprisoned under a mountain for a thousand years, none can withstand his power and there is but one force that can stop him, Can it be harnessed in time?

Keshena's Destiny
The goblins besiege Dark Holm and the royal elf Keshena must discover he magical power if the horde is to be defeated.

Dragon Hunt
A fierce and mighty dragon quest with his loyal rider but what they find isn't at all what the sought, but is it what they really need?

The Glowering
An ancient evil stirs in the land, corrupting and overpowering in it's revival. The young wizard twins may be the world'a only hope but even they will need help, which when it arrives comes from a completely unexpected place.

Guardian of Wild Magic
The world has been shaken, magic has gone wrong and the vanishing mists have dispersed while Goblins stream into the light of day. The final quest begins and the world holds it's breath.

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