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Allen is Course Leader of the BA (Hons) Film and TV Production and the new BA (Hons) Creative Writing for Publication degrees at Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe. He is a successful Science Fiction and Fantasy author and professional freelance editor and continues to develop his writing credentials with an array of publications in recent years. He's written articles for Total Film and SFX (Zombies: The Ultimate Celebration), Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction and the British Fantasy Journal, of which he is now the editor. 

His published novels - Elite: Lave Revolution (2014), The Lord of Wisimir (2013), The Dragon of Wisimir (2012) and The Sword of Wisimir (2012), A Bag of Bedtime Tales (2011).

Allen has also worked as a content consultant for video game companies – Frontier Developments (Elite: Dangerous) and Snapshot Games (Chaos Reborn). He is currently studying for a Ph. D. in Creative Writing (Practice as Research), at the University of Winchester. He is a regular reviewer of science fiction and fantasy for He also composes music for audio dramas and helps run the podcast Lave Radio, over at He can be reached through his website, or at

Please Note: Allen gets a lot of requests to review books from independent authors. He tries to reply to as many as he can and review as many as possible, but he can't always do either. The best time to ask is usually the Summer.

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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
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