New Non-profit digital publisher

New Non-profit digital publisher

Brand new digital non-profit publisher H&H Books has been created by the team of Scott Harrison and the Angry Robot editor Lee Harris. All the titles will not only be available through the normal ebook retailers but 100% of the revenue will go directly to specific charitable causes.

If that wasn't enough to excite your charitable literary taste buds, the titles are also going to be really low cost, as exemplified by the first announced publication "Voices from the Past", which is an anthology of "flash fiction" from some of the worlds best writers.

The authors contributing are an impressive bunch, including Maurice Broaddus, Paul Cornell, Jasper Fforde, J Robert King, Kaaron Warren, Lee Harris, Scot Harrison and even Alastair Reynolds.

The princley price for such an esteemed electronic volume? just 59p. Yes I got that right, 59p ie less than the price of a really cheap second hand book and less than you will probably pay just to post a book!

The anthology will be published in April 2011 but you will soon be able to pre-order a copy. You can visit the H&H website for more details.