Vampireology - True history of vampires


Vampireology is the true history of vampires, and the 9th book in the "Ology" series, having sold over 16 million copies worldwide.

Originally written in 1900 by Archibold Brooks, the world's foremost protector. Archibold is brutally murdered in 1920 and the book falls into the hands of the detective Joshua Kraik.

Soon after Brooks' death, Kraik is contacted by a woman called Magdalena who claims to have been a former lover of the deceased. She explains that she is looking for a book that she suspects is in Kraik's possession. Although he is fascinated byher beauty and poetic manner, Kraik suspects that she is a vampire and decides to go to Venice and destroy her. Kraik now understands that the role of Protector is his. Fearing that the book may fall into the wrong hands, he sends it back to his solicitor for safekeeping.

Vampireology is set for release on the 11th May 2010