Entangled - Sneak Peak and Intro

Entangled - Sneak Peak and Intro!

Entangled is the new epic fantasy novel from the bestselling fantasy author Graham Hancock who's previous novels include the non-fiction books "The Sign and the Seal", "Fingerprints of the Gods" and "Heaven's Mirror".

His books have so far sold over 5 million volumes in 27 languages and his reputation has been further established by his public lectures and TV broadcasts (including two series for Channel 4).

"Fingerprints of the Gods" has been credited as an inspiration for Roland Emmerich's epic blockbuster 2012.

Entangled follows the story of Leoni, a troubled teen living in modern day Los Angeles who has a near-death experience following a drug overdose, travelling to a parallel dimension 24 000 years in the past. While there her fate becomes entangled with that of Ria (the other protagonist in the novel) who is a young stone age woman fighting for her life against the vicious, bloodthirsty and ferocious Illimani, an army led by the Demon Sulpa.

Sulpa's ultimate goal is to manifest himself physically in the twenty first century and enslave the whole of mankind. Seemingly unstoppable, Leoni and Ria must rise to the challenge facing them, master their deepest fears and fight the battle for mankinds very freedom.

Entangled is due to be released on the 1st April 2010 and to celebrate this imminent launch, Random House have released the first 24 pages of the novel completely free to read here.

If you order the book through Rbooks you can even get a 40% discount by using the promo code ENTANGLED, you can buy it here: Entangled.

If that wasn't enough to wet your apetite there is also a video introduction by the author himself who also reads the whole first chapter of the novel, which you can view here.

Science fiction and fantasy will be featuring a review close to the release date so you can all find out just what we thought of the novel itself very soon.