Is the MOD burying it's head in the sand?

We are all Aliens...

With the recent release to the public of the MOD's files on UFO encounters, it appears they have now decided that they are no longer going to keep files on Unidentified Flying Objects, destroying any reports after 30 days and insist that UFOs are not a military threat.

This announcement on the one hand could be seen as cutting costs to save on an over-stretched budget, (they have also turned off the number to call and report a sighting) but by many it will be seen as a misguided act.

The UFO sightings are not just going to go away, in fact they are increasing year on year not just in the UK but worldwide. Back in september 2009 the ministry of defense themselves admitted that reported sightings had tripled since 2008, making 2009 the busiest year on record.

It's not just the everyday person in the street who is reporting these sightings either, pilots, police and even astronauts have reported incidents around the world. To effectively close this department could be seen as a big and somewhat misguided mistake as sightings continue to increase, especially as 5% of those reported to the MOD have never been explained.

The majority of the national media don't really help matters either and there is a general sense of deep scepticism whenever a sighting is revealed or news about aliens or Ufo's is reported. This is despite a survey reported in the daily mail revealing that more people believe in Aliens and the supernatural than God.

Even the Bulgarians are now saying that aliens exist and visit us, if that is the case then why is the MOD burying it's head in the sand?