Kings Justice - Book of the month

It's been a very tough call this month choosing the book of the month from the January reviews. Not only has there been 18 to choose from (20 if you count the 2 published from TC) but the level of quality has been outstanding.

Those of note include 3 from Angry Robot Books - King's Justice, Point and Death's Disciples, along with the very excellent novels The Miracle Inspector and The Windup Girl (among others). As such it's been very difficult to choose, each one of these title's are deserving of Book of the month.

In the previous year we have included the classic novels that have been reviewed or re-reviewed that month however to provide a fairer chance for the more contemporary novels we have decided not include these this year in the book of the month selection process.

In the end there could only be one winner - King's Justice. Congratulations to Maurice Broaddus for writing this incredible work and Angry Robot Books for having the sense to publish it!