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Point is the near future thriller and the sequel to Edge, by Thomas Blackthorne.

In a Britain on the edge of collapse, the lost teens have formed Cutter Circles, a terrible cult based on mutual suicide. For ex-Special Forces soldier Josh Cumberland, this is just the start of another descent into the very heart of darkness.

Point follows on directly from the explosive finale of Edge, a world changed by the destructive effects of man, and a Britain that see's the fallout of this destruction. We return with Josh and Suzanna to this harsh dystopian future where knives are carried by most and violence is celebrated on national Television.

The novel feels very much like a seamless continuation, it's got the same fast pace, tight dialog and distinct voice. There is also the same harsh realistic and gritty feel and plenty of action.

While we got a good glimpse of the advanced psychological procedures that Suzanne employed in the last book, here we get to develop a much understanding of just how this works and how effective or manipulative it can be. The way the author describes key scenes in a very vivid manner makes the story really come alive, it feels more like you are reading a present day thriller while the the advances in technology are subtle enough not to seem too out of place. The suspension of disbelief is completely natural and the sign of a very skilled story teller.

One of the things I really love about this book is how the fight scenes are described, there aren't too many and the scenes tend to be over fairly quick but the author clearly has a great deal of knowledge about martial arts and it really does show, the details are both illustrative and somewhat reflective.

The plot itself is inventive, intriguing and has enough loops that you could cover them in tomato sauce and sell them in a tin.

Rewarding to read as a stand alone or even better after you've read Edge, Point is a riotous tale of a near future Britain, vivid, defined and totally immersive.

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Point, a novel by Thomas Blackthorne

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