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Thomas Blackthorne

Thomas Backthorne is the pen name of the noted British scifi author John Meaney whose works include "To Hold Infinity", "Bone Song", "Dark Blood" and the "Nulapeiron Sequence" series.

His first novel in the Nulapeiron Sequence, "Paradox" was voted the Independent Publishers? Book of the Year in the scifi category, was first choice in science fiction category for the Daily Telegraph Books of the Year and was shortlisted for the BSFA award.

Under the Thomas Blackthorne pseudonym he has so far written the acclaimed novel "edge" and the 2011 follow-up, Point, both published by Angry Robot Books.


    As Thomas Blackthorne
    As John Meaney
    • To Hold Infinity (1998)
    Nulapeiron Sequence
    • Paradox (2000)
    • Context (2002)
    • Resolution (2005)
    • Bone Song (2007)
    • Dark Blood (2008)
    Ragnarok trilogy
    • Absorption (2011)
    • Transmission (2012)
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