New Publisher Launches - Flame Tree Press

A new imprint has recently launched with a an impressive line-up of authors and books. Flame Tree Press is a brand new publisher dedicated to finding the best award-winning and original voices. While it might be new, Flame Tree Press consists of experienced industry professionals, led by Nick Wells, the Founder of Flame Tree Publishing and a former MD of HarperCollins Enterprises.

Nick Wells commented:

After 24 years at Flame Tree Publishing, this imprint’s story really started three years ago, when we began our short story submissions in the US. Since then we’ve built significant communities of readers and writers of genre fiction: SF, Horror, Crime and Fantasy.

He also went on to say:

The launch of Flame Tree Press is a thrilling moment for us all. When we first talked to authors about this new imprint, we were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. I am so excited by the brilliant and original voices, the great writing we’ll publish this year, and beyond.

There is a strong presence of Horror stories, possibly influenced by executive editor Don D’Auria, who previously led the horror list at Samhain Publishing, and Leisure Books for fifteen years where he directed their thriller line, as well as the horror list that Rue Morgue magazine called “the champion of paperback horror.”

During his career he’s worked with many leading authors including Richard Laymon, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum. He is the recipient of an International Horror Guild Award for his contributions to
the horror genre.

Their launch list features some big name award winning authors including:

Original voices include:

  • Hunter Shea - Creature
  • JD Moyer - The Sky Woman
  • Jonathan Janz - The Siren and the Spectre
  • Jonathan Janz - The Sorrows
  • David Tallerman - The Bad Neighbour
  • DW Gillespie - The Toy Thief
  • Brian Trent - Ten Thousand Thunders
  • Robin Triggs - Night Shift
  • Adrian Laing - Kosmos

Flame Tree Publishing, the parent to the new imprint are well known for thier short-story collections . Their curated Gothic Fantasy Short Story Anthologies have sold over 750,000 copies, so far.

Nick Wells had time to answer a few questions explaining the reasons behind Flame Tree Press:

What makes this list different from all the other publishers?

There are many fine publishers of horror, crime, sf and crime but we hope to make a mark by bringing together a brilliant list of writers to match the enthusiasm and passion of the many reader we know who thirst for new books by original voices.

Why did you decide to move into publishing novels?

We have so many submissions for our short story anthologies,so many good writers, people from all walks of life who just love reading and writing in the many different subjects, from dystopia, to ghosts, crime, lost words to time travel. It’s incredible how many good narratives there are, and yet they don’t all have a chance to flicker in the daylight. So, opening up a new route to market for novels seemed to be a good way of nurturing this ever-eager base of enthusiasts and lovers of the dark imagination.

So what do you hope to achieve in the next few years?

Balance, basically. With Don on board we have some wonderful award-winning authors, and experienced writers who understand their market. I think we can tip the scales by bringing the best of genre writing, the established and the award winners, while bringing on the next generation.