Happy New Year from SFBook

Happy Birthday! SFBook is 12 years old!

SFBook would like to wish a very Happy New Year to all our visitors and personally thank each and every one for visiting the site over the last 12 months.

SFBook has enjoyed considerable success in 2011, over the year the site has attracted over 370 000 unique visitors who have looked at almost 1.7 million pages with over 3 million "hits" registered.

The book of the year competition has also been very successful, the winner of which is the well deserving novel Son of Heaven by David Wingrove and published by Corvus Books. Dan Abnett's Embedded took second place with Ann & Jeff Vandermeers Compendium of the Weird taking the third spot.

You can see the full results here:

SFBook Book of the year 2011.

We have reviewed 179 books over the year, most by Ant himself but also with a little help from guest reviewers Gill and Duncan, who have our utmost thanks.

This year already promises to be a great one, we have some fantastic books lined up for review - a mixture of both new and old with something rather special launching tomorrow, so here's to the next 12 months of Books! ?