Time Traveller caught on film in 1928?

An Irish independant film maker has gone public with what he says could be a time traveller appearing in extra footage from the DVD of the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film "The Circus".

The scene can be found in the extra's menu of the DVD and features a "woman" walking along and appearing to talk into an object she is holding up to her ear, the size and shape of a modern mobile phone. Don't forget this is footage filmed in 1928, before anyone even thought about mobile communication devices in this way.

The "woman" in the film appears more like a man in drag, the way he/she walks and is clearly talking to something in her/his hand. Now back in 1928, australians were testing two way portable radios but these were very big bulky objects and her hands would have to have been the size of giants to hold them without the radio being obvious.

Some suggest it could be a "hearing aid", however there weren't any hearing aids of that sort of size and shape around at that time either, and I can't see anyone actually talking into one either. Others have suggested that it couldn't be a mobile phone as there were no mobile masts in 1928, or in fact satellites, but they are missing the point. It wouldn't be a mobile as such, it would be some sort of communications device.

There's a few possibilties here, either the films been doctored to feature this extra person, it's some crazy woman talking into a shoe or her hand, or it's a time traveller.

Knowing what lengths people will go to to gain publicity nowadays, my moneys on the former...

See for yourself: