The Gathering Storm is unleashed

The Gathering Storm

The long awaited next installment in the Late Robert Jordans epic series, "The Wheel of Time" is finally released today. Brandon Sanderson is the author who has been tasked with creating the final 3 novels in the series from Robert Jordan's unfinished manuscripts.

The Wheel of Time is one of the truly great fantasy epics, massively popular and spanning 12 volumes so far (including The Gathering Storm). The series draws on elements of classic mythology including the Buddhism concept of balance and regeneration, along with elements of Hinduism and Daoism. Featuring a very developed magical system and incredibly detailed, rich fantasy world.

Brandon Sanderson is a self professed fan of the series and has been assisted by both Jordan's widow (who assisted on every novel) and the long time editor, along with the thousands of pages of notes and dictated text. It soon became apparant that a planned final novel would have to be split into 3 volumes to tell the story Robert would have wanted.

Expected to be a bestseller, The Gathering Storm is finally unleashed.