Tenth Doctor Who Christmas specials

Doctor Who

The demise of the Tenth (and arguably most popular Doctor), played by David Tennant is to be shown over the Christmas period in a special two part episode. Most of us know this already, but here we can confirm the dates and times as 6pm Christmas Day and 6.40pm New Years day on BBC One.

These promise to be very special episodes indeed, hinted by the end of Water of Mars with the strange Ood visitation, and of course the change in the Doctor himself. The Ood play a part in the episodes, with a new Ood city, that only took 100 years to build.

The Master makes a welcome return, even crazier than ever, as does Donna and her Grandfather. It's not just David Tennant that we see depart the show, but also writer and director Russell T Davies, who wrote this special and claims it's his best work yet.

The only unmissable TV this Christmas, lets just hope that the Eleventh Doctor series doesn't turn into a Teeny High School Musical fop. Who would have made the perfect next Doctor really special, how about Stephen Fry, the right mix of intelligence and wit would make a fantastic eccentric 1000 year old time lord!.