David Gemmell Award Winner

The shortlist for the 2010 David Gemmell awards have been announced over the Easter period and there are some interesting choices - with Brandon Sanderson being nominated twice (for Warbreaker and The Gathering Storm), along with Pierre Pevel (for best fantasy novel and Best newcomer).

The complete shortlists can be found below:

The Legend Award (Best Fantasy novel)

Brandon Sanderson - Warbreaker
Pierre Pevel - The Cardinal's Blades
Graham McNeill - Empire
Joe Abercrombie - Best served cold
Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson - The Gathering Storm

The Morning Star Award (Best fantasy Newcomer)

Stephen Deas - The Adamantine
Jesse Bullington - The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart
Amanda Downum - The Drowning City
Pierre Pevel - The Cardinal's Blades
Ken Scholes - Lamentation

The Ravenheart Award (Best Fantasy Cover Art)

John Sullivan (Illustration) and Sue Michniewicz (Art Direction) - The Cardinal's Blades (by Pierre Pevel)
John Sullivan - Empire (by Graham McNeill)
Larry Rostant (Illustration) and Loulou Clarke (Art Direction) - Fire (by Kirstin Cashmore)
Jackie Morris (Illustration) and Dominic Forbes (Art Direction) - The Dragon Keeper (by Robin Hobb)
Didier Graffet and David Senior (Illustration), Laura Bret (Art Direction - Best Served Cold (by Joe Abercrombie)