Sequel to Beautiful Dead on its way

Beautiful Dead Arizona

The sequel to Beautiful Dead, a young Adult novel about life, dead and the limbo in-between (the beautiful dead of the title) is on it's way soon. Beautiful Dead: Arizona continues the story of Ellerton High as Darina mourns the death of her boyfriend Phoenix.

At the height of her grief, when the apparitions of those who are meant to be dead and the sound of beating wings echo in her head Pheonix appears to her and tells her that he is one of the Beautiful Dead - souls in limbo returning to earth to right the wrongs of their deaths. Beautiful and sub-human, they all bear a "death mark" - a tattoo of angel's wings on the place they were mortally wounded.

Darina is determined to release their souls from limbo, starting with Jonas.

Will love conquer death? And if it does, can Darina set it free?

The novel is set for release in the UK on the 15th October 2009, in the meantime you can look at the trailer below: