Pick up Mountain Man for Free!

To celebrate Mountain Man being optioned for a film by up and coming scriptwriter Matt Deller ("Manhattan Undying"), the Author Keith Blackmore is offering the Mountain Man ebook for free on Amazon UK & Amazon US from now until the 23rd June (this Sunday).

Mountain Man introduces us to a world that is now mostly inhabited by the walking undead and Augustus Berry (Gus) lives a day-to-day existence that is largely composed of getting drunk, foraging for supplies and preparing for the day when the Zombie horde will come up the side of the mountain and penetrate his fortress.

He knows that every time he descends that mountain to scavenge whatever supplies he can find, it could well be his last and prepares as best he can against this relentless threat.

The first in a three book series, Mountain Man is a vastly under-rated novel. While most Zombie stories feature people that just aren't really sensible enough to survive such an event - going up against a horde of zombies with no body armour or in the case of "The Walking Dead" walking past armoured, bullet-proof Hum-Vee's and choosing a clapped out production motor instead - the author has really thought about actual survival in such a world. It's one of the best Zombie story I've ever read and if you like post-apocalyptic fiction, zombies or even just an entertaining read then now is the time to pick up this modern classic.