Outpost Gallifrey to close

Outpost Gallifrey, the most popular (and one of the oldest) Doctor Who Fansite on the internet is set to close on 31st July 2009, along with the accompanying Doctor Who forum.

Outpost Gallifrey is legendary amongst Doctor Who supporters and has been going since 1996, making it one of the most ancient websites around. In that time it has had over 37 million visits.

Shaun Lyon, the owner of the website made the announcement on the site yesterday, which you can see here: Outpost Gallifrey.

Please note that he has also re-assured fans that this announcement will not in any way effect the Gallifrey One conventions, the next installment is still scheduled to occur on the 21st February 2010 in Los Angeles, from the 1st August 2009, the domain will redirect to the conventions page.