Open Source Civilisation Toolkit

Marcin Jakubowski is a Polish American and a self-made industrial designer who has come up with a revolutionary idea to create a "Global Village Construction Set", a set of tools to build  replicable, open source, modern, off-grid resilient communities.

He has figured out that 50 tools are required to build a self sustaining community and plans to create and publish open source designs, schematics, instructional videos, budgets, and product manuals tools.

Each of these will be open source, low cost, modular, user servicable and close loop manufactured. It is an incredible vision that could truly revolutionise civilisations around the world.

A pipe dream? Unachievable? - Think again, this has already begun and he has personally designed and built machines himself and the Open Source Ecology has prototypes for 8 of the 50 machine tools, including an open source Tractor!

Using these tools he has planted 100 trees in a day, pressed 5000 bricks in a day from the mud beneath his feet and built a whole Tractor in just 6 days. He says this is just the beginning and the results could be revolutionary, creating A "Civilisation Starter Kit".