New Viral Websites for 2012 and Terminator

 Viral Websites

New Viral Websites have appeared for the upcoming films 2012 and Terminator Salvation.

The Institute for Human Continuity (IHC) has been created to ensure the survival of the human race beyond 2012. It claims there is a 94% probability that cataclysmic forces will decimate the planet in 2012. The website includes news about latest developments, the initiatives of the IHC and a chance to enter the Lottery in an attempt to be on of the few lucky ones with a chance at survival.

Skynet Reasearch is a research organisation dedicated to create the latest in Robot Technology. If you are interested in robots, or have ever wanted to design one there is the opportunity to join an outreach program and submit a design. The website also shows current products including the Mobile Arial ground support (MAGS) which has the appearance of a dog with 2 big guns on its back, and the Search and Rescue Bot looking very mean features "The Jaws of Life".