New Phillip K Dick novel published by widow

Philip K Dick

Philip K Dicks widow, Tessa Dick has re-worked the final novel the legendary science fiction writer was working on when he passed away in 1982.

The novel, titled "The Owl in Daylight" has been a labour of love for Tessa and she has described this self-publication as a tribute to Philip. She went on to say that her version of the novel is an attempt to express the spirit of Philip's proposed book. The actual details about the book are sketchy at best, although a letter was sent to his editor and agent.

The letter detailed plans to have a great scientist design a computer system and then get trapped in its virtual reality. The computer itself would be so advanced that it developed human like intelligence and rebelled against its frivolous purpose of managing a theme park. Also mentioned were Dante's Inferno and the Faust Legend.

Tessa's version of the novel is said to be "loosely" based on Philips life and features a third rate composer "Arthur Grimley" as he learns the universe is made of music. On her blog she wrote:

By travelling through Dante's Inferno and Mozart's Magic Flute, he enriches his soul with the secrets of the ages. Meanwhile, a secret organisation is working against those who would enlighten humanity

Tessa has been forced to self publish her novel after failing to find a mainstream publisher.