New evidence for Life on Mars


There has been new evidence that could indicate life on the Red planet Mars, NASA scientists report. Large quantities of Methane in the atmosphere must be caused by one of two possibilities.

The first is a geological process, the second a biological process. If Methane is being caused by a biological process it is most likely to be microorganisms living beneath the permafrost layer and could be survivors of an earlier time when mars was covered with water.

The possibility that water covered the surface is a strong one due to the recent discovery of Carbonates found on the surface.

There is also a theory that life may have begun on Mars and then been transported to Earth on a lump of rock during a heavy Meteor storm millions of years ago.

To prove that this could in theory happen the Planetary Society is proposing to send bacteria to the Martian Moon Phobos and back again, which could mean in a few million years a new civilisation of Phobosians!.

There are also other possible habitats in the solar system that show evidence of possible life.

The Saturn moon Titan is rich in Organic materials and has a very strong possibility of supporting life, recently reported by the Daily Galaxy here.

Jupiter's moon Europa is another candidate, evidenced by watching this clip here.