How a Warpdrive Spaceship would really look

Warpdrive Spaceship

Those clever bods over at the Discovery Channel have asked a leading physicist to figure out what a real space ship with a warp drive would look like, and how it could (in theory) work.

Dr Richard Obousy has come up with a design that is scientifically accurate from current understanding of spacetime and superstring theory.

The physics behind the model are very complicated and completely theoretical, we still do not have sufficient knowledge of Dark Energy in order for this to be a reality, nor do we have any idea of how to harness sufficient energy that would be required.

It is hoped that sometime in the not too distant future, mankind will begin to understand this Dark Energy, and figure out a way to harness this power that is currently thought to permeate the entire universe.

Dark Energy is currently associated with the expansion of the universe however no one even knows what it actually is, only that it does exist.

If a Warpship could harness this abundant energy, it may be able to manipulate the spacetime surrounding it. The unusual shape has been designed to optimise the manipulation of this Dark Energy and create a spacetime bubble, compressing the spacetime in front of the ship and expanding the space behind it.

Inside this bubble, spacetime remains constant and as such the ship would "float" in the middle of this bubble while the bubble itself managed to reach faster than light speeds. There are no ideas how this could actually be created, nor how to prevent the creation of black holes or catastrophic collapse from power loss, however our understanding of the universe is growing all the time so it may not be (too) long before at least some of the questions are answered.