Gaiman Wins another award

Neil Gaiman, the incredibly talented author of Neverwhere, American Gods and Stardust has won the 2009 Booktrust teenage prize for his Young Adult's novel "The Graveyard Book".

The Graveyard Book is about a child who is abandoned in a graveyard and is found and raised by the undead spirits that reside there.

The novel has seen a huge amount of commercial success and recieved critical acclaim, having been nominated for this years World Fantasy Awards, Winning the Young adult category of the 2009 Locus awards, nominated for the 2009 British fantasy awards and Winner of the best novel category of the 2009 Hugo awards.

Neil Gaiman said he was "proud" of the novel and mentioned it was inspired by Rudyard Kipling and Pamela P.L Travers. He also went on to say:

"Sometimes when we look big, and seem to see further, it's because we are standing on the shoulders of giants."

"The field of children's literature has seen many giants, and those of us who toil in the field make our contributions using what we've learned from those who came first,"

You can read an interview of Neil Gaiman by the booktrust here: Neil Gaiman wins 2009 Booktrust