Evidence of Life in the Kuiper Belt?

There seems to be growing evidence of the possiblity of life existing outside of our planet every where you look at the moment, with water everywhere, earth size planets in goldilock zones and the distinct possibility of past or present life on Mars.

Now Astronomers are suggesting that there could be organic matter in the kuiper asteroid belt that lies beyond Jupiter. The Kuiper belt was originally considered to be made up of rock and ice however Astonomers have detected lot's of different colours on display in the belt including reds, whites, and blues. Thanks to a new computer model, scientists now have a pretty good idea what's creating all the reds: there are organic molecules in the Kuiper Belt, buried just beneath the surface of the various objects.

NASA physicist John Cooper is quick to point out this doesn't mean there's life in the Kuiper Belt, but the reality is almost as exciting:

"We're not saying that life is produced in the Kuiper Belt. But the basic chemistry may start there, as could also happen in similar Kuiper Belt environments elsewhere in the universe, and that is a natural path which could lead toward the chemical evolution of life."

"If" organic molecules could survive in the conditions of the Kuiper Belt then there's a pretty good chance it can survive elsewhere in out universe, and could be more widespread than many have thought.