Doctor Who, Water of Mars News

Doctor Who

Throughout the day there has been a series of news leaked about both the Doctor Who specials, the news series featuring the Eleventh Doctor, and finally confirmation of the Water of Mars airing date.

The Water of Mars will be shown on Sunday the 15th November at 1900hrs, on BBC One. Still on the subject of the Water of Mars special, there is news about the plot.

the Doctor lands on the red planet on November 21st in the year 2059. There he finds the first human colony, headed up by Captain Adelaide Brooke ( played by Lindsay Duncan) who the Doctor refers to as "The woman with starlight in her soul".

There are also signs of slightly odd behaviour from the good Doctor, the first of which is advising everyone that he needs to leave, saying: "Whatever has started here, I can't see it to the end", although shortly after the water arrives and so he never gets his chance to depart.

The Ood are known to play some part in the story and apparantly towards the very end of the episode, there is a scene that sees The Doctor say things that will seriously shock, not just what he says but the way he says it too.

There are also glimpses of the last episodes featuring the Tenth Doctor, which look like they may include Catherine Tates character "Donna" along with "The Master".

In other news, David Tennant has revealed how he feels about the finale of his time as the Doctor. You can see the interview over at the guardian Doctor Who interview where he was speaking at the London launch of the Water of Mars, along with Russell T Davies.

David admits that the final filming was very emotional and he was a little envious of Matt Smith, who is taking over next year.