Barak Obama a Scifi Fan?

It has been widely reported that Barak Obama, the new president of the USA is a big fan of Science Fiction. He knows his superheroes and much prefers the struggling Spiderman / Batman characters rather than the "have it easy" Superman Heroes.

He told an audience in Wyoming that he "grew up on Star Trek" and that he "believes in the final frontier". He has been lucky enough to give the vulcan signal to Leanard Nimoy ad as a kid collected Spiderman and Conan the Barbarian comics.

Even more impressive is that he has read all of JK Rowlings Harry Potter books. Maybe this will be encouragement for more people to pick up a book and read (especially Scifi or Fantasy), which could already be happening as reported by The Website at the end of the Universe that more Americans are reading than in previous years.