Revelation Space Series

Alistair Reynolds, the author of the hugely successful Revelation Space series, has signed a £1 million book deal with Gollancz for his next 10 novels.

Welsh born Alistair Reynolds began writing science fiction short stories while at college, and then later while he worked at the european space agency in Holland.

Hi debut novel, Revalation Space was published in 2000 and was met with critical (ans commercial) success. Part of this success is due to his strong grasp of physics and astronomy and his ability to use current science theory to its best in his novels, lending a strong sense of authenticity to his epic space operas.

Reynolds' next novel is Terminal World - is a stand alone novel that is part-steampunk, part-Western planetary romance in the far future, to be published on the 15th October 2009.

The first of the new ten books deal is scheduled to be published in October 2010.