A New approach to telling stories

A New approach to telling stories

Harper Collins new Imprint Angry Robot Books is moving from strength to strength and really pushing the boundries with new ideas and intelligent fiction.

Not content with this, they have found a approach of telling a story that will allow adult and child to both enjoy the same novel. Kaaron Warren is the author of the soon to be released novel Walking the Tree, and she had an idea while writing that it would be great if her son and herself could enjoy the same book at the same time and so she wrote a 20000 word novella called Morace's Story, a child's point of view of Walking the Tree.

In Kaaron's words:

"My idea is that every parent can share the reading of Walking the Tree with their child.

Sit there, together, reading the same book."

As 20000 words would be difficult to include with a book, Angry Robot are including the first 2 chapters at the back of the book, along with a link that will allow readers to enjoy the whole novella online or in an e-reader.

The ebook edition will have the whole novella included in the download!

Walking the Tree is out today in the UK!