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Hodder and Stoughton

Hodder and Stoughton was founded in London, 1868 by Matthew Henry Hodder and Thomas Wilberforce Stoughton. Early published works included none other than The Bible (a re-print, naturally) authors Winston Churchill, JM Barrie and GK Chesterton.

They've published hugely successful books both fiction and none fiction and in 1993 the publisher Headline bought Hodder and Stoughton with the company renaming as Hodder Headline Ltd. Then in 2002 Hachette - one of the largest publishing groups in the UK - bought Hodder and renamed it back to Hodder & Stoughton.

Published authors include Stephen King, Jean M. Auel, Mary Stewart, Elizabeth George, Jodi Picoult, Sophie Hannah, Chris Cleave, David Nicholls and John Grisham (to name a few).

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