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Keith Blackmore

Keith Blackmore is a Canadian author of fantasy and horror fiction. His Mountain Man series is one of the finest examples of the Zombies sub-genre.

His fantasy fiction could be described as a cross between GrimDark and Heroic fantasy. Blackmore is a true story-teller, his books deserve to be read by many people.


Mountain Man Series
131 Days Series
  • 131 Days (2011)
  • 131 Days: House of Pain (2014)
  • 131 Days: Spikes and Edges (2015)
  • 131 Days: About the Blood (2018)
Breeds Series
  • Breeds (2014)
  • Breeds 2 (2016)
  • Breeds 3 (2016)
Isosceles Moon Series
  • Isosceles Moon (2016)
  • Isosceles Moon 2 (2017)
Single Volumes
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