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A City Dreaming

Daniel Polansky

A City Dreaming by Daniel Polansky

Daniel Polansky is the author of the wonderful Low Town fantasy series, which shows how great a story-teller he is. A City Dreaming stretches these talents and more.

The book follows the life of M, a magically gifted drifter with a loose grip on morality and a quick, sharp tongue. He does his best to avoid the politics of New York city however when you personally know the two opposing Queens who threaten to turn the Big Apple into a crumble, trouble is hard to avoid. If M is going t...

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Review written by Ant on Monday 24th October 2016
Book Review

I, Robot

Isaac Asimov

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

I, Robot is a collection of nine short stories by Isaac Asimov, which originally appeared in Super Science Stories and Astounding Science Fiction between 1940 and 1950. The fictional character Dr Susan Calvin (robopsychologist for U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men Inc) relating these stories to a reporter in the 21st Century acts as a framing narrative, tying them together to create one of the finest examples of a “fix-up” novel.

Each story shares the common theme of Interaction be...

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Review written by Ant on Friday 21st October 2016
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Daniel David

Migration by Daniel David

What if our day to day behaviour was recorded, analysed and mapped to create a copy of us in a  digital utopia? How would this new reality transact with our own where people need to be born and grow up before they can be absorbed? What would the consequences be for those left behind?

Migration tells the story of individuals caught up in the process of transitioning to a new digital reality controlled by the artificial intelligence, AarBee. David uses several popular tropes from dif...

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Review written by Allen Stroud on Wednesday 19th October 2016
Book Review

White Night

Jim Butcher

White Night by Jim Butcher

White Knight marks the ninth book in Jim Butchers urban fantasy series featuring Chicago's first and only Wizard P.I. Regular visitors to SFBook may be aware that we are (slowly) reviewing the series.

Those who haven't read any of the Dresden Files would be better starting at the beginning with Storm Front, or at least one of the earlier books.

A string of suicides rings alarm bells with Chicago's finest and Harry is brought in to see if there is any magical co...

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Review written by Ant on Monday 17th October 2016
Book Review

Marked to Die: A Tribute to Mark Samuels

Justin Isis

Marked to Die: A Tribute to Mark Samuels by Justin Isis

First of all: don't worry. Mark Samuels - the well known British horror writer- is alive and well ( although, maybe, crossing his fingers). It's not common to dedicate a new short story anthology to celebrate a living author ( whose career, hopefully, will last for many, many years to come) but that's the way it is . Editor Justin Isis has assembled a massive volume featuring eighteen tales , plus a coda, penned by a group of fellow writers active in the field of dark fantasy and/...

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Review written by Mario Guslandi on Friday 14th October 2016
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Sharp Ends

Joe Abercrombie

Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie

There is much to like about Joe Abercrombie, particularly when he returns to his darker writing, as published by Gollancz. One of the founders of the ‘grimdark’ movement, Abercrombie’s gritty brand of fantasy delivers real consequences and hard bitten characters in all the different adventures he has written in the world of the First Law.

Sharp Ends is a collection of short stories set in this ongoing fiction. Some of these have been previously published elsewhere, but the boo...

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Review written by Allen Stroud on Thursday 13th October 2016
Book Review

The Bastard Wonderland

Lee Harrison

The Bastard Wonderland by Lee Harrison

The Bastard Wonderland is something of a suprise. The debut of Lee Harrison, it describes a complex alternative world where a war wages between the North and the South. It's this tiresome war that is thrust upon northern lad Warboys and his father as they are strong-armed into a foolhardy campaign.

The technology level of Wonderland is around the start of the 19th century, with Steam and Factories and Airships. There is a distinct 19th century Northern England feel, gritty and g...

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Review written by Ant on Monday 10th October 2016
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Alastair Reynolds

Revenger by Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds has the kind of scientific imagination that few can match, his stories often explored on a grand scale. While the Universe in Revenger is certainly grand and gloriously imagined, the story itself it much more personal.

The far future Galaxy of Revenger has seen vast Empires rise and fall while planets have been shattered and remade. In the rubble of our reformed solar system, many small planetoids orbit the now faint star. While many of these worlds have been popul...

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Review written by Ant on Monday 26th September 2016
Book Review


Mark De Jager

Infernal by Mark De Jager

Stratus wakes up in a field with no idea who he is. All he knows is that his name is Stratus and he doesn't seem to be human. He quickly learns that he possesses an in-human strength, natural gift in magic and an insatiable hunger. Well that and the fact that there seems to be a raging beast inside his mind.

Infernal is a book that you shouldn't judge by it's cover - which I don't feel reflects the size of ferocity of the protagonist al all. The cover features a hunc...

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Review written by Ant on Friday 23rd September 2016
Book Review

A Head Full of Ghosts

Paul Tremblay

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay

A Head Full of Ghosts was first released last year and won the coveted Bram Stokers award for Best Novel. It's also received pretty much the finest compliment a Horror novel can receive when Stephen King said of the book:


Scared the living hell out of me, and I'm pretty hard to scare.


Titan Books are launching the paperback this month and I've finally found time to give it a read. I have to say it lives up to all expectation, even that of "Th...

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Review written by Ant on Monday 19th September 2016
Book Review

Touch of Iron

Timandra Whitecastle

Touch of Iron by Timandra Whitecastle

Touch of Iron is not, as the Amazon blurb suggests, a tale of an epic quest of a Prince for a magic sword, although there is a Prince and he is on a quest for a magic sword.  Neither is it is a story about Fae, as evoked by the title in the trend of supernatural fantasy.  It is instead, the story of a girl called Noraya, who is running from a marriage she does not want and a village where she has never been accepted and who now turn against her. 

All Noraya wants is to be with he...

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Review written by Karen Fishwick on Friday 16th September 2016
Book Review

First Magyc

Nicole Dragonbeck

First Magyc by Nicole Dragonbeck

First Magyc, by Nicole Dragonbeck, the first book in the Guardians of the Path series is essentially a Young Adult portal fantasy where a girl, Ria, gets drawn into a magical land and it turns out she might be the subject of an ancient prophecy where only she can save the magic.  While the premise of the book is not entirely original and the spelling of the title a little pretentious, the tale is nevertheless entertaining. 

The fantasy land itself has some original and compelling ...

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Review written by Karen Fishwick on Wednesday 14th September 2016
Book Review


Rhett Bruno

Titanborn by Rhett Bruno

Titanborn follows the life of "collector" (part bounty hunter part detective) Malcom Graves. Graves is a seasoned veteran who has seen the worst of humanity and is often tasked with cleaning up such flotsam. He lives in a future where mankind has spread to other planets and have adapted, with the human race branching into sub-species, becoming quite different to each other.

After a serious bombing incident on Earth, Graves is teamed up with a new partner and sent to Saturns largest ...

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Review written by Ant on Monday 5th September 2016
Book Review

Spoils of War

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Spoils of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Spoils of War, by Adrian Tchaikovsky, is a volume of short stories set in the Tales of the Apt world and takes place (in the chronology of the world) before Empire in Black and Gold which is the first novel in that series.  It tells stories of some of the minor characters from the main book series, but also introduces some new characters and tells you about them. 

The Tales of the Apt world is one in which human are split into kinden types bases on insects and arachnids, which ten...

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Review written by Karen Fishwick on Wednesday 31st August 2016

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