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by Paul J McAuley

Confluence by Paul J McAuley

I've always known that Paul McAuley can write, as far as I am conderned he's one of the finest writers in the genre right now however he's also vastly under-appreciated. I'm really hoping that the release of confluence will help in addressing this oversight - not only is it an incredibly well written omnibus but it has a broad appeal and should delight fans of fantasy and science fiction equally.

Confluence itself is a long and narrow artificially created world, half of which is fer...

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reviewed on Tuesday 22 April 2014
Book Review

Endangered Creatures

by Stephen Dunkley

Endangered Creatures by Stephen Dunkley

The premise of Endangered Creatures is that there is a secret part of London Zoo that the public never get to see. In this hidden area are housed the endangered creatures of mythology, creatures that most people don't even believe exist or believe to have died out centuries ago.

Dragons, Dryads and Dodo's make up a small part of this mythical menagerie, many of whom are simply guests rather than incarcerated creatures. For newly appointed keeper Connor it's confirmation of what he'd...

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reviewed on Thursday 17 April 2014

Interview with Chris Beckett

The Arthur C Clarke award winning novel Dark Eden has just been released in the USA and to celebrate the launch of such an excellent novel the author agreed to let me ask him a few questions:

Ant: Dark Eden manages to create a true sense of an alien world, not least with the inclusion of Geothermal "lantern" Trees. Where did you get inspiration for such an alien world?...

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written on Monday 14 April 2014
Book Review

Dark Eden

by Chris Beckett

Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

I often start a review with a bit of blurb about the book itself, setting the scene for the reader and I try to never give too much away - limiting the information to no more than is provided on the blurb on the rear cover, simply re-written in my own words. There are however a few occasions where I find it difficult to re-write what has been said, or attempt to find anything more fitting. This is one of those times and so the following has been taken straight from the book, it sets the scene...

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reviewed on Monday 14 April 2014
Book Review

Son of the Morning

by Mark Alder

Son of the Morning by Mark Alder

What would happen if you combined a detailed historical fiction novel that includes politics with Kings and Queens with that of Angels and Deamons and Devils? You probably end up with something like Son of the Morning.

Set in an alternative history where Angels and their opposite are manifested physically within the world of men and influence the world around around them, Son of the Morning offers something that is very different to anything I've read before.

The story is ...

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reviewed on Tuesday 08 April 2014
Book Review

The Plague Forge

by Jason M Hough

The Plague Forge by Jason M Hough

The Plague Forge is the dramatic conclusion to the Dire Earth Cycle. With the Builders plans still hidden and time running out, can Skyler and his team recover the four remaining relics before the final Builder event takes place?

No-one really knows what will happen when the five artifacts are returned to the orbiting Builder ship however they do believe that they must be collected before the final event takes place....

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reviewed on Monday 31 March 2014
Book Review

The Man Who Never Was

by Hylton H Smith

The Man Who Never Was by Hylton H Smith

The Man Who Never Was begins in 1986 with the discovery of human bones during the demolition of the old Coke works in Derwenthaugh. The find also includes a strange artefact, one that suggests that death goes back to 1945 and a set of strange circumstances. The author has released the book as a non-profit which means you can get it completely free as an ebook on Amazon, or at a non-profit price as a paperback....

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reviewed on Monday 24 March 2014

Interview with Brandon Sanderson

To celebrate the launch of Words of Radiance - the much anticipated second novel in the Stormlight Archive series, SFBook got chance to ask Brandon a few questions as part of his UK Blog Tour.

Ant: Where did you get the idea of a world ravaged by fierce storms?

Brandon: The original seed of an idea was the storm of Jupiter, this massive persistent storm. Of course, that’s a gas giant. The ...

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written on Wednesday 19 March 2014
Book Review

Breach Zone

by Myke Cole

Breach Zone by Myke Cole

Breach Zone is the third and final novel in Myke Cole's unique Shadow Ops series that manages to successfully blend a contemporary setting and fantasy elements with a strong military edge.

Cole seems to improve with each book and Breach Zone is undoutably his best yet with a powerful backstory, almost none-stop action and a big cast of characters.

As with the previous two novels we get a chance to learn more about different characters than before. While Bookbinder and to a...

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reviewed on Monday 17 March 2014
Book Review

The Boy with the Porcelain Blade

by Den Patrick

The Boy with the Porcelain Blade by Den Patrick

Lucien de Fontein is one of the Orfano, a group who have grown deformed in some way and hold a strange place in society - not quite outcast but not accepted either, tormented by his deformity. Orfano are known to have powers that others do not and Lucien is as skilled a fighter as his young age and inexperience could possibly allow.

All Orfano are pawns in the political game that is overseen by the deranged king and his malicious second, Majordomo. This is a world where corruption a...

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reviewed on Monday 10 March 2014
Book Review

Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea

by Adam Roberts

Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea by Adam Roberts

As the name would suggest, Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea takes on the classic Jules Verne 19th century novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea as inspiration to create a remarkably clever and entertaining novel that is in parts as thought provoking as the original must have been when it was first written.

The year is 1955 and the French Navy have built a nuclear powered replica of the Nautilus - the Plongeur, built from Nemo's blueprints recovered from India and partly f...

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reviewed on Monday 03 March 2014
Book Review

Alien: Out of the Shadows

by Tim Lebbon

Alien: Out of the Shadows by Tim Lebbon

I've always loved the Aliens films (well at least the first two), both films work for very different reasons. The first was totally ground breaking with it's unique style, examination of claustrophobia, fear - the combination of science fiction and horror that combined with some exceptional music, directing, special effects and casting. The sequel managed to do something that very few sequels have before or since and that's create something that matches the original in terms of quality and ye...

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reviewed on Monday 24 February 2014

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