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Peter F Hamilton

Peter F Hamilton is an English writer of space opera style science fiction, written in a clean prosaic manner and characterised by describing the path of a number of main characters independtly of each other who's paths eventually cross with running themes of religion, politics and war.

Peter F Hamilton has so far written a number of books, many of which have been set in 2 distinct universes, the Commonwealth and the Confederation.

He has also been involved in a series of books for young adults called The Web series which features stories of a near future internet society and includes very well known writers such as Stephen Baxter and Maggie Furey.

You can read Interviews with Peter Hamilton by our very own TC, here:

Interview with Peter F Hamilton

Second Interview with Peter F Hamilton


Greg Mandel Trilogy
Confederation Universe
The Night's Dawn Trilogy
Other Confederation Novels
Commonwealth Universe
The Commonwealth Saga
The Void Trilogy
  • The Dreaming Void (2007)
  • The Temporal Void (2008)
  • The Evolutionary Void (2010)
Other Commonwealth Novels
Other novels
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