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Greg Bear

Greg Bear is an American author of science fiction and most of his work is considered to be "hard" science fiction.

The "Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction" has called him the "Best working writer of hard science fiction" and he is one of only 2 authors to have won every category in the Nebula Awards, with a total of 5 Nebula and 2 Hugo awards.

Greg Bear has written more than 30 books so far on top of being a political and technological adviser for some of the biggest names in America including the Microsoft Corporation, the U.S. Army, the CIA, Sandia National Laboratories, Callison Architecture, Inc. and Homeland Security.


    The Forge of God
    Songs of Earth and Power
    • The Infinity Concerto (1984)
    • The Serpent Mage (1986)
    • Songs of Earth and Power - Omnibus(1994)
    • Quantico (2005)
    • Mariposa (2009)
    Queen of Angels
    The Way
    • Eon (1985)
    • Eternity (1988)
    • Legacy (1995)
    • The Way of All Ghosts (1999)
    Asimovs Foundation Series
    • Foundation and Chaos (1998)
    Man-Kzin Wars
    • The Man Who Would Be Kzin (with S.M. Stirling) (1991)
    Star Trek: The Original Series
    • Corona (1984)
    Star Wars
    • Rogue Planet (2000)
    Single Volumes
    • Psychlone (1979)
    • Hegira (1979)
    • Beyond Heaven's River (1980)
    • The Strength of Stones (1981)
    • Blood Music (1985)
    • Sleepside Story (1988)
    • New Legends (1995)
    • Dinosaur Summer (1998)
    • Country of the Mind (1998)
    • Vitals (2002)
    • Dead Lines (2004)
    • City at the End of Time (2008)
    • Hull Zero Three (2011)
    Short Story Collections
    • The Wind from a Burning Woman (1983)
    • Early Harvest (1988)
    • Tangents (1989)
    • The Venging (1992)
    • Bear's Fantasies (1992)
    • W3 Women in deep time (2003)
    • Sleepside: The Collected Fantasies (2005)
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