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Allhallows Eve

by Richard Laymon

Allhallows Eve by Richard Laymon

It’s been awhile since I picked up one of Mr Laymon’s books and I was quite looking forward to reading this book. With this in mind I picked it up and started ahead. Now for those of you who aren’t aware Laymon was a very prolific writer right up to his death. His books ranged from short sharp shocks to much more well written well plotted novels.

All Hallows Eve falls among the foremost, being one of Laymon’s shorter pieces of fiction. There are plenty of shocks too and the gore is...

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reviewed by Arron on Monday 27 July 2015
Book Review

The Long Utopia

by Terry Pratchett

The Long Utopia by Terry Pratchett

Anyone who has been following the Long Earth series will be eagerly awaiting this fourth and penultimate novel in Stephen Baxter's and Terry Pratchett's series. The Long Mars was the strongest novel in the series so far and so The Long Utopia has a lot to live up to.

The Long Utopia is set some time after the Long Mars and humanity continues to spread out along these new Earths.Lobsang, now old and cantankerous is living in disguise with Agnes on a far-distant world. Convinced that ...

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reviewed by Ant on Tuesday 21 July 2015
Book Review

A Planet for Rent

by Yoss

A Planet for Rent by Yoss

Yoss is one of the most controversial and successful of Cuba's science fiction writers. As well known for his rock-and-roll style as he is for his portrait of Cuba under Communism, his work is modern, dynamic and yet deep and thoughtful. A Planet for Rent is set in the near future where Earth, wracked by environmental and ecological problems is "rescued" by Aliens.

This rescue however turns the planet into a tourist attraction and humanity little more than slaves, dispossessed from ...

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reviewed by Ant on Tuesday 14 July 2015
Book Review

Knight of Aslath

by Scott Foley

Knight of Aslath by Scott Foley

The fantasy quest, beginning with a youth, who has gifts and potential they have yet to master. Who is guided by an older mentor and forced from their home by a life changing event onto their journey and battle against evil foes that stand in the way of them reaching adulthood.

On one level, this is the plot of Knight of Aslath. You can clearly see the interpretations of each archetype and concept in the story. Parallels to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings often abound in this type of fa...

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reviewed by Allen Stroud on Wednesday 08 July 2015

Gollancz July 2015 Paperbacks

Gollancz Paperback of the Month for July 2015 is the impressive novel The Relic Guild by Edward Cox, reviewed by our good man Allen Stroud back in September last year. Allen seemed impressed:

Sometimes a book comes along that reminds you of the pleasure of being a reader and/or a writer, a book that you start at the right time and cannot fail to admire...
...an exciting debut from a writer who plainly loves what he has made and I’m looking forward...

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written by Ant on Tuesday 07 July 2015
Book Review

The Cat's Maw

by Brooke Burgess

The Cat's Maw by Brooke Burgess

In the small, sleepy town of Appleton, Billy Brahm’s life goes from clumsy to cursed. After following a cat into the road, he’s hit by a car, his leg shattered, and his summer is ruined. A mysterious cat begins to visit him at his bedside, and Billy is haunted by strange dreams. According to the creatures in his dreams, Billy must find the key, a key that will heal the broken boy.

The Cat’s Maw is a wonderful mix of surrealism, fantasy, and reality. I wasn’t sure what to expect whe...

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reviewed by Vanessa on Monday 06 July 2015
Book Review


by Stuart Macbride

Sawbones by Stuart Macbride

What a neat little idea in a neat little book. Book is probably a touch generous coming in at just over a hundred pages but don’t let that spoil your fun, what you have here is actually a twisted tale, gruesome in the telling and packs a punch other books only hope to imitate.

Sawbones tells the tale of a serial killer travelling across country abducting young blonde girls and hacking their limbs off while they are still alive and then leaving them for dead. His evil knows no bound...

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reviewed by Arron on Friday 03 July 2015
Book Review

A Legend of the Future

by Agustin de Rojas

A Legend of the Future by Agustin de Rojas

Agustin de Rojas was a Cuban author of science fiction. Within that country he is thought of as a legend and has even been described as "Patron Saint of Cuban science fiction".

Agustin wrote A Legend of the future back in 1985, following his award winning novel Espiral (Spiral). El año 200 (The Year 200, written in 1990) completes the trilogy. Until now you needed to be able to read Spanish in order to appreciate these books. Thankfully Restless Press are publishing them in English ...

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reviewed by Ant on Monday 29 June 2015
Book Review


by Geonn Cannon

Sojourn by Geonn Cannon

A deep space adventure with monstrous aliens, this short and pacey read from Stargate official fiction novelist Cannon, draws inspiration from both Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s sequel. Humanity’s struggle against the Harvestmen – a feral xenomorph with a terrifying instinct for survival, is renewed when the spaceship Paralus responds to a distress call and Commander Clare Cossin boards the derelict Prospekt. The crew of the Paralus follow the trail of the Aliens to determine their...

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reviewed by Allen Stroud on Thursday 25 June 2015
Book Review


by Jayde Ver Elst

USU by Jayde Ver Elst

USU is a clever, clever book. Set after some cataclysmic event has rendered the Earth free of it's human infestation, the novel follows the stuffed and robotically animated rabbit known as Usu. He searches the broken, twisted wasteland for something, something he will only know when he finds it. There are not many books that don't feature humans at least in some guise and even few that work as a result but USU does, magnificently.

It's a slim book, if you really wanted to you could ...

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reviewed by Ant on Tuesday 23 June 2015
Book Review

Strange Tales V

by Rosalie Parker

Strange Tales V by Rosalie Parker

World Fantasy Award winning series Strange Tales has now reached its fifth volume, offering again a bunch of tales ranging from SF to horror, from fantasy to supernatural, sharing a "strange" or "weird" character.

The present book includes sixteen brand new stories, penned by authors from both sides of the ocean, selected by editor Rosalie Parker and published by British excellent imprint Tartarus Press, well known for the quality of both its literary output and its always elegan...

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reviewed by Mario Guslandi on Friday 19 June 2015
Book Review

Radiant State

by Peter Higgins

Radiant State by Peter Higgins

I have been eagerly waiting for this novel, more than most. I thought Wolfhound Century was that good that I chose it as Book of the year for 2013. Truth and Fear — the second volume in the series, narrowly missed out from being book of the year 2014 (That accolade going to Dave Hutchinson's Europe in Autumn).

Radiant State is the concluding novel in this incredible series and boy are you in for a treat! I would advise any readers to consume the first two books in the series before ...

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reviewed by Ant on Monday 15 June 2015

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Radiant State by Peter Higgins
Radiant State by Peter Higgins

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