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A Legend of the Future

by Agustin de Rojas

A Legend of the Future by Agustin de Rojas

Agustin de Rojas was a Cuban author of science fiction. Within that country he is thought of as a legend and has even been described as "Patron Saint of Cuban science fiction".

Agustin wrote A Legend of the future back in 1985, following his award winning novel Espiral (Spiral). El año 200 (The Year 200, written in 1990) completes the trilogy. Until now you needed to be able to read Spanish in order to appreciate these books. Thankfully Restless Press are publishing them in English ...

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reviewed by Ant on Monday 29 June 2015
Book Review


by Geonn Cannon

Sojourn by Geonn Cannon

A deep space adventure with monstrous aliens, this short and pacey read from Stargate official fiction novelist Cannon, draws inspiration from both Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s sequel. Humanity’s struggle against the Harvestmen – a feral xenomorph with a terrifying instinct for survival, is renewed when the spaceship Paralus responds to a distress call and Commander Clare Cossin boards the derelict Prospekt. The crew of the Paralus follow the trail of the Aliens to determine their...

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reviewed by Allen Stroud on Thursday 25 June 2015
Book Review


by Jayde Ver Elst

USU by Jayde Ver Elst

USU is a clever, clever book. Set after some cataclysmic event has rendered the Earth free of it's human infestation, the novel follows the stuffed and robotically animated rabbit known as Usu. He searches the broken, twisted wasteland for something, something he will only know when he finds it. There are not many books that don't feature humans at least in some guise and even few that work as a result but USU does, magnificently.

It's a slim book, if you really wanted to you could ...

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reviewed by Ant on Tuesday 23 June 2015
Book Review

Strange Tales V

by Rosalie Parker

Strange Tales V by Rosalie Parker

World Fantasy Award winning series Strange Tales has now reached its fifth volume, offering again a bunch of tales ranging from SF to horror, from fantasy to supernatural, sharing a "strange" or "weird" character.

The present book includes sixteen brand new stories, penned by authors from both sides of the ocean, selected by editor Rosalie Parker and published by British excellent imprint Tartarus Press, well known for the quality of both its literary output and its always elegan...

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reviewed by Mario Guslandi on Friday 19 June 2015
Book Review

Radiant State

by Peter Higgins

Radiant State by Peter Higgins

I have been eagerly waiting for this novel, more than most. I thought Wolfhound Century was that good that I chose it as Book of the year for 2013. Truth and Fear — the second volume in the series, narrowly missed out from being book of the year 2014 (That accolade going to Dave Hutchinson's Europe in Autumn).

Radiant State is the concluding novel in this incredible series and boy are you in for a treat! I would advise any readers to consume the first two books in the series before ...

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reviewed by Ant on Monday 15 June 2015
Book Review

The Atlantis Gene

by AG Riddle

The Atlantis Gene by AG Riddle

When I first started to read this book I was anticipating a plot involving Atlanteans and genetics. This is exactly what you get. Tenfold.

The story itself is fairly straightforward at a high level but the pace is a little too quick in parts. I had to re-read the first few chapters to make sure I’d embedded the characters correctly. Once I’d done that I was surer of myself and started to really enjoy the storytelling. The narrative was good and yes, there is a well represented stro...

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reviewed by John Richardson on Wednesday 10 June 2015
Book Review

Traitor's Blade

by Sebastien De Castell

Traitor's Blade by Sebastien De Castell

Traitor’s Blade is a rare treat for the fantasy reader, it follows Falcio Val Mond, First Cantor of the Greatcoats as he and his loyal comrades Kest and Brasti struggle to survive in a world that has turned against them, valiantly trying to follow the last orders of their fallen king. Facing off against deadly assassins, tyrannical dukes, and even the very people they once aided, the trio become embroiled in a web of plots and conspiracies as they try to maintain their sense of justice.


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reviewed by Aaron Miles on Tuesday 09 June 2015
Book Review

Children of Time

by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Desperate to find a new home amongst the stars, the last remnants of the human race are cast out into deep space. Thousands upon thousands asleep aboard a colossal colony ship, hibernating until a habitable planet is located. Eventually they discover a world which was terraformed by humanity long ago in an age before Earths civilisations fell to ruin.

Abandoned by the original terraformers, this new planet isn't the unoccupied Eden they had hoped for and is populated by two forces w...

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reviewed by Ant on Monday 08 June 2015
Book Review

The Shiva Syndrome

by Alan Joshua

The Shiva Syndrome by Alan Joshua

A secret Russian mind research laboratory in Podol'sk is destroyed in a freak accident involving one of its patients. The resulting devastation leaves thousands dead and a mile wide crater where the ground has quite literally been pulverized. Plucked from discredited obscurity, parapsychologist Beau Walker is persuaded to join a research team investigating the incident.

The premise of any science fiction novel can be a difficult thing to sell to a reader. One of the yardsticks of th...

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reviewed by Allen Stroud on Sunday 07 June 2015
Book Review

Peripheral People

by Reesa Herbert & Michelle Moore

Peripheral People by Reesa Herbert & Michelle Moore

Corwin Menivie and Nika Sanitvan are decorated veterans of the Imperial Enforcement Coalition, and they solve cases the old fashioned way. However, when they are paired up with Westley Tavera and Gavin Hale, a powerful Reader/Ground team, things start off awfully rocky.

During a routine investigation, Westley stumbles across a trail left by a brutal serial killer who traps and slaughters his prey mentally. The find haunts Westley, who requests to investigate the case further, but t...

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reviewed by Vanessa on Friday 05 June 2015
Book Review

Mother of Eden

by Chris Beckett

Mother of Eden by Chris Beckett

The sequel to the BSFA Award winning novel Dark Eden, this book returns us to the dark planet, fast forwarding the generations to a fractured and disparate society that has come to colonise many of Eden’s different landmasses.

Much of the themes hinted at in Dark Eden are developed here in the sequel and once again, Beckett’s portrayal of legacy and internal mythology makes for an epic game of Chinese whispers. In a way, this is a fusion of science fiction and fantasy, with the sett...

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reviewed by Allen Stroud on Thursday 04 June 2015

On the Origin of Portiids

Children of Time Cover

It began with a man named Dougal Dixon.

Probably it began before then, but Dixon was my first introduction to the games you can play with evolution, which led eventually, through twists and turns, to Children of Time.

Children of Time’s premise is that an uplift experiment set up by a human scientist ends up being abandoned (du...

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written by Ant on Thursday 04 June 2015

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