Tad Williams

Tad Williams (Full name Robert Paul Tad Williams) is a very popular American fantasy Author including The Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series, War of the Flowers and The Otherland series.

Tad grew up in Palo Alto, in America and after leaving school he began a number of meaningless Jobs including Stacking tiles, collecting Loans, selling shoes and selling insurance. During his free time Tad concentrated on many projects to futher himself including playing in a band, hosting a Radio show, acting, making Artwork and writing.

Tad always wanted to break away from those dead end jobs and increasingly concentrated on writing as a way to do this. His first Novel was "Tailchasers Song" which is set from a cats perspective with man being a distrusted and mysterious creature. This was published in 1985 and since then Tad has continued to publish very popular epic fantasy series including arguably his best series "Memory, Sorrow and Thorn".

Memory, Sorrow and Thorn is an incredibly well written epic in 3 parts (or 4 parts in paperback) featuring Simon "mooncalf" Snowlock as the principal character. A kitchen boy, Simon is forced to flee his home and is reluctantly dragged into a terrible battle of supernatural power that will determine the fate of the land. This story is a grand tale of good versus evil and is set on a continent called Osten Ard.


    Osten Ard
    • The Dragonbone Chair (1988)
    • Stone of Farewell (1991)
    • To Green Angel Tower (1993)
    • Heart of Regret (2016)
    • The Witchwood Crown (2017)
    • Empire of Grass (TBC)
    • The Navigator?s Children (TBC)
    • City of Golden Shadow (1996)
    • River of Blue Fire (1998)
    • Mountain of Black Glass (1999)
    • Sea of Silver Light (2001)
    • Shadowmarch (2004)
    • Shadowplay (2007)
    • Shadowrise (2012)
    Single Volumes
    • Tailchaser's Song (1985)
    • Child of an Ancient City (1992)
    • Caliban's Hour (1994)
    • The War of the Flowers (2003)
    Bobby Dollar Series