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John Barnes

John Barnes is an American writer of science fiction, he has been nominated for Awards including the Nebula and Hugo and has also won the Michael L Printz Award.

The majority of John Barnes works tend to focus on moral responsibility and social criticism within social contexts.


Century Next Door series
Thousand Cultures series
Time Raider series
  • Wartide (1992)
  • Battle Cry (1992)
  • Union Fires (1992)
Timeline Wars series
  • Patton's Spaceship (1997)
  • Washington's Dirigible (1997)
  • Caesar's Bicycle (1997)
  • Timeline Wars (1997) (omnibus volume)
Jak Jinnaka series
Directive 51 series
  • Directive 51 (2010)
  • Daybreak Zero (2011)
  • The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky (1987)
  • Sin of Origin (1988)
  • Mother of Storms (1995)
  • Encounter With Tiber, with Buzz Aldrin (1996)
  • One For the Morning Glory (1996)
  • Apocalypses & Apostrophes (1998) (collection)
  • Finity (1999)
  • The Return, with Buzz Aldrin (2001)
  • Gaudeamus (2004)
  • Payback City (2007)
  • Tales of the Madman Underground (2009)
  • Losers in Space (2011)
  • Raise the Gipper (2012)
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