Stephen Donaldson

Stephen Donaldson is an American author of epic fantasy, most noted for his multi award winning, and much acclaimed works "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant", which are spread into 3 different series.

The first "Covenant" trilogy was first published in 1977 and while there are similarities to Tolkiens Lord of the Rings trilogy, the novels have the distinction of a disabled protagonist who suffers from leprosy, itself quite rare in modern times.

The series are incredibly rich in detail, character and unique in the anti-hero protagonist (at the time of writing) which elevates the novels above other fare.

After completing the second trilogy, Donaldson took an extended "vacation" from writing but is now hard at work finishing the third and final trilogy "The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant".


    Thomas Covenant
    Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
    The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
    • The Runes of the Earth (2004)
    • Fatal Revenant (2007)
    • Against all things ending (2010)
    • The Last Dark (2013)
    Mordant's Need
    • The Mirror of her Dreams (1986)
    • A Man Rides through (1987)
    • The real story: The Gap into conflict
    • The forbidden knowledge: The Gap into vision (1991)
    • The Dark and hungry God arises: The Gap into power (1992)
    • The chaos and order: The Gap into madness (1994)
    • The day all Gods die: The Gap into ruin (1996)