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Sarah Pinborough

Sarah Pinborough is an award winning British author and screen-writer. She mostly writes in the genres of Horror and fantasy.

She writes childrens fiction under the pen name Sarah Silverwood and is somewhat of a celebrity on Twitter, having been described as one of Twitter's funniest female Tweeters.


    Sleeping Beauty
    The Dog-Faced Gods
    • A Matter of Blood (2010)
    • The Shadow of the Soul (2011)
    • The Chosen Seed (2012)
    Single Volumes
    • The Hidden (2004)
    • The Reckoning (2005)
    • Breeding Ground (2006)
    • The Taken (2007)
    • Tower Hill (2008)
    • Feeding Ground (2009)
    • Torchwood: Into The Silence (2009)
    • Torchwood: Long Time Dead (2011)
    • Mayhem (2013)
    • Murder (2013)
    • The Death House (2015)
    • Stay With Me (2015)

    As Sarah Silverwood

    The Nowhere Chronicles
    • The Double-edged Sword (2010)
    • The Traitor's Gate (2011)
    • The London Stone (2012)
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